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Ballet and the city / Ballerina Project Hungary

When Hungarian Ballet became ours – Ballerina Project Hungary

Pirouettes in a stadium, splits above Budapest – we see the traditional Hungarian ballerinas ‘freed from their everyday environment’ in a whole new light in Tünde Dóra’s Ballerina Project.

The Ballerina Project is more than just documentation: it’s a nod of respect paid to the most effective essence of human motion, ballet. It is also an undistorted mirror of dancers’ ambitions – it’s been 14 years since Dane Shitagi has decided to immortalize the outstanding talent of oversea ballet dancers in an unconventional series of photographs to reveal the mysterious gracefulness in their movements for all to see.

The dancers are taken away from the stage – this time the scenery is our living space, the city milieu, simple everyday life.

The redirecting of Shitagi’s Ballerina into a more sculptural presence took the attention of not only bloggers community and the international press but that of a young Hungarian photographer, Tünde Dóra who also realized the power within.

The setting alongside the Budapest scenery also bypasses the sterilized environment of studios and is replaced by urban, almost surreal locations as well as a metro station or a stadium.

Ballerina Project Hungary communicates through its online surfaces on a daily basis and has posted over a hundred well-composed photographs, rewarding one of the most sensitive aspects of Hungarian ballet-culture: getting the passion of dance closer to the people of our streets.

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